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Over 20,000,000
People Get Government Money Every Year.

Entrepreneurs get money to start or expand a business.

People get money to invest in real estate.

People get money to go to college.

People get free help and training for a better job.


You may be thinking, if these federal grants are available, why haven't you heard about them and the many other cash giveaways before?

The reason you haven't heard about federal grant money is simple!  The Government does not really advertise the availability of grant programs to the public. Those who do happen to hear about the programs, find it difficult to locate the right office, cannot get all the necessary information and find that there are so many programs that not even the government employees know the procedures to follow.

Federal Grant Money - Federal Grants

For some, it becomes a losing battle and they give up in total frustration. Generally, people do not believe that federal grant money programs are for the average person.

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They also tend to believe budget cut headlines, and thus fewer people attempt to get their share of the available grant money. Many programs saw applications for grant money drop by 300 percent when in fact, the amount of money available remained the same or even increased.

Ironically, most people believe that you must be very rich or very poor to receive free grant money from a federal government program. The truth is that the only difference between those who do get money and those who do not, is knowing what programs are available and how to contact them.  The really amazing thing is that there is such a wide variety of programs that there is almost certainly one available for just about everyone.

Another misconception is that getting something for nothing represents some type of embarrassment to the receiver.  Everyone gets benefits from the government in one form or another, and so should you!  As a taxpayer, you are paying for these government grant programs. Why not get something back?

Access Thousands of Federal Grants, Loans
and Foundation Programs Covering:

Business, Housing & Real-Estate, Health Assistance, Unemployed Services, Job & Tech Training, Federal Employment, Education, The Arts and Much More!!

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